Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Invasive Plant Project
Invasive Plant Monitoring ProjectThis project is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture

Volunteers Needed

2011 Season - The Invasives Strike Force Begins!

This is the first year of the trail conference's Invasives Strike Force (ISF) born out of the ideas, learning and experiences of a 4-year a joint project between the Trail Conference and Rutgers University from 2006-2009 that was supported by the USDA (US Dept. of Agriculture) to better understand the spread of invasive plants in forested parklands.

Project goals

  • We need to collect more information about invasive plants along the trails; that's where you come in.
  • We want to identify areas where removal of invasive species will allow us to prevent them from spreading into un-invaded communities so that we can schedule trail crew work there.

What will volunteers do?

As an Invasives Strike Force volunteer you will be required to attend one of several 1-day training classes to be held in May and June to learn how to identify 14 common invasive plants, how to collect data for the ISF and how to use the GPS unit. GPS units can be borrowed from the Trail Conference or you may use your own. After completing training, you will be assigned to a trail section (~2 miles long).

You will be expected to walk your trail section while identifying and mapping these invasive plants. This data collection can be completed within one outing or over several trips until you feel confident that you have identified all of the target species along your trail but should be completed by the end of this summer.

After you have completed your trail section, you can ask to have another section assigned to you. You can map as many trail sections during the season as you have time for.

Or, you may prefer to learn the second set of invasive species and move on to Phase 2 mapping.

Where can you work?

Check out the list of parks in New York and New Jersey that you can choose to work in


1. Send an email to

Linda Rohleder
rohleder360 @ to get added to the volunteer list.

2. Register for training

Training is completed for the 2011 season. Contact Linda to arrange informal training help to participate this year.

New to the project? Sign up for an Intro to Invasive Plant ID

Experienced project volunteers, sign up for a half-day Refresher course by emailing Linda Rohleder (above).