Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Invasive Plant Project
Invasive Plant Monitoring ProjectThis project is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture

Welcome to the NY-NJ Trail Conference Invasives Strike Force

a multi-organizational partnership in volunteer monitoring of invasive plants along hiking trails

Invasive plants are plants that

1) are not native to the ecosystem in question
2) spread aggressively
3) cause harm in some way to that ecosystem.

Why we should be concerned about invasive plants:

Perhaps you care about the beauty of the place where you live.  Each place is unique and in that place there are plants and combinations of plants you might not see elsewhere.  More and more, wherever you go, you will see the same plants again and again.  Native plants are being displaced.

Perhaps you care about wildlife.  Some plants make poor habitat or food sources for wildlife.  Invasive plants can come to dominate a place.  If animals needed those native plants, they, too, can suffer. 

Perhaps nature is your hobby.    Invasive plants can overtake and make activities like boating nearly impossible.  Birds or fish or butterflies or whatever it is you seek, may be no longer be found.

Perhaps you care about the costs to you:  Invasive plants harm agricultural lands, parks, waterways, lawns.  Many billions (yes, billions) of dollars are spent in the United States to control problem species.  We all pay these costs, one way or another.

But, it's not too late to do something.

Join our project here.

ISF News

Miles of Trail Surveyed as of 11/7/2011

Fundraiser Thermometer

Over 100 ISF Volunteers Trained!

Formal training sessions for this season have been completed. There were a total of 6 introductory workshops and 2 advanced workshops held.


Thanks to the NJ DEP and the Easter Foundation for grant funding for the 2011 season!

Thanks to the Flat Rock Brook nature center, the Pequest Trout Hatchery, Teatown Lake Reservation and HEnRI Center for hosting training workshops.

And of course, thanks to all you volunteers!!